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Band Instrument Repair


  • Band Instrument Repairs go out to our technician on Wednesday evenings and it is typically a one week turnaround.  Please note if you drop your instrument off on a Saturday - it will not actually get to the tech until the upcoming Wednesday evening - please plan accordingly.    
  • Estimates are always free - but the staff does not give out estimates until the tech has gone over the specific instrument.
  • We can not guarantee rush work.
  • If we have an available loaner - we will be happy to provide one.  Please note these are loaners - meant to get you by while you wait for your repair - they may flaws. (no charge for a loaner)  
  • Player's Bench Music will call you with the estimate for your band instrument repair.  We must have verbal confirmation in order to proceed with the work.  
  • As of January 2019, we do require a credit or debit card on file - that will be charged the agreed upon estimate as soon as the returned  repair comes back to Player's Bench.  (If you choose to not get any work done - then nothing is charged).  

**We do not have exceptions on this policy.**