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Meet Bobby Swigart

Meet Bobby Swigart, a string specialist and veteran whose musical interests and experience are extensive.

Bobby studied theory, composition, arranging, and music education as well as Applied Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Strings at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, and Northern Illinois University School of Music.

Bobby has been a teacher of Guitar, Bass, Strings, and Theory for over 25 years. He has worked as a Studio Musician, Performance Guitarist, Bassist, Singer, and Music Arranger for over 35 years.

Bobby and Joe developed the Player's Bench Repair Shop over 15 years ago. Specializing in complete stringed instrument repair, the shop has grown considerably. Bobby maintains "Gold Repair Status" from such major national brands as Fender, Guild, and many others. He also builds custom, hand made, electric guitars.

When the problem calls for unusual solutions, like figuring out lost schematics, designing a custom upgrade for your instrument, or an excellent professional set up, Bobby has the experience and knowledge to do the job.

Bobby is currently the lead guitarist in Pirates Over 40 and Mickey and the Memories.

Meet Tom Erlenborn

Tom Erlenborn is a graduate of Vandercook College of music
in Chicago and has taught instrumental music in the
Chicago area for over 20 years. He got his instrument repair
and certification training from Allied Supply and Repair,
which is a branch of Getzen band instruments in Elkhorn,
Wisconsin. For over 25 years Tom has repaired for Chicago area schools and music stores.

Meet Mark Nagy

Mark has been repairing instruments since 1997. He started his repair career as an apprentice at Karnes Music (now Music and Arts) in the brass department. He moved to the Saxophone Shop in 1999 to focus on woodwinds. In 2002 he started working for International Music Suppliers and its sister company Music Starts Here. In 2005 the Saxophone Shop merged with International Music Suppliers to become one company. In addition to repairing instruments, Mark is an experienced machinist. He has fabricated many parts and keys, such as missing saxophone keys and trumpet bottom valve caps. In addition to learning from many older technicians, Mark is a member of the National Association of Professional Band Repair Technicians (NAPBRIT), an organization devoted to keeping technicians up-to-date on the latest materials and tools in the industry and furthering the repair trade. Mark gave a presentation at the 2006 NAPBRIT national conference on machining custom saxophone keys.